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POSTED ON December 26, 2012
Nevada back taxes: Congressman claims deduction; hit with bill
A Congressman reportedly made an error on his taxes which resulted in the man owing back taxes. Nevada residents may[… ...
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POSTED ON December 20, 2012
Nevada tax audit: New tips to help ensure success
Small business tax audits have been discussed previously in this blog, but one expert is offering new tips for successfu ...
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POSTED ON December 11, 2012
Nevada back taxes: Actress owes money, accounts seized
Nevada fans of struggling actress Lindsay Lohan may be interested in her newest legal troubles. Her bank accounts have a ...
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POSTED ON December 03, 2012
Las Vegas business owners who battle the IRS may need help
Las Vegas residents can experience troubles with the IRS, especially if they are a small business owner. However, major ...
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POSTED ON November 27, 2012
Options exist for Las Vegas residents with overwhelming tax debt
For many residents of Las Vegas, tax debt can be a very real problem. While most people won’t find themselves[…] ...
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POSTED ON November 19, 2012
Tax liens: Homeowners file lawsuit over Sherman Act
A class action lawsuit over tax liens has escalated in recent weeks, now including ten homeowners who have joined togeth ...
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POSTED ON November 16, 2012
Nevada back taxes: Tax debt notices can come years later
No matter how meticulous Nevada residents may be about their taxes, sometimes errors can happen that result in a shockin ...
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POSTED ON November 06, 2012
Nevada tax liens can come back to haunt consumers
Tax liens and other troubles can come back to haunt Nevada residents. Whether it’s for employment prospects or oth ...
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POSTED ON November 01, 2012
Nevada may be affected by stepped up IRS oversight
The IRS has taken steps to decrease the number of refundable tax credits issued in error. This change could affect[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 24, 2012
Nevada tax debt: Tax debts reported to credit bureaus?
An interesting question is being posed that has the possibility to affect Nevada taxpayers. The Government Accountabilit ...
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