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POSTED ON February 21, 2022
How to Get Rid of Back Taxes?
Depending on both the amount of the back taxes owed and how many years have been missed can determine how[…] ...
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POSTED ON November 24, 2021
International Tax Agreement Could Significantly Impact the Taxation of Multinational Enterprises
Once implemented, a new international tax agreement announced by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Developm ...
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POSTED ON November 10, 2021
Defending Against IRS Penalties Under Section 6038
A taxpayer may avoid section 6038 penalties by proving that he or she had no reportable interests in a foreign[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 11, 2021
Tax Problems from Canceled Debt?
The main consequence of debt cancelation is the legal obligation to pay taxes on the forgiven amount. The Internal Reven ...
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POSTED ON September 14, 2021
What to Do When the IRS Makes a Mistake
Provision of relevant documentation pointing out an IRS mistake and filing a petition with the tax court are some of th ...
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POSTED ON September 07, 2021
Should You Beware of Operation Hidden Treasure?
A crypto holder who hasn’t been reporting cryptocurrency transactions or has been filing incorrect reports should watc ...
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POSTED ON June 22, 2021
Are Offshore Tax Havens Legal?
Holding funds in a bank account in an offshore tax haven is generally legal. It’s, however, illegal to use this[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 07, 2021
Dealing with Tax Debt After Divorce
A person can take several steps if he or she is divorced and the IRS is making him or her[…] ...
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POSTED ON April 22, 2021
Taxpayers: You Have a Right to Finality
When taxpayers are dealing with the IRS, they are entitled to finality. They have the right to know the maximum[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 26, 2021
Are You Accidentally Committing Tax Fraud?
A taxpayer may commit tax fraud accidentally when he or she makes a genuine mistake. This is considered a negligent[…] ...
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