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POSTED ON November 15, 2018
Did You Receive a Substitute Tax Return from the IRS?
Nevadans who have failed to file tax returns for a few years may be sent letters from the IRS notifying […] ...
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POSTED ON October 25, 2018
Making a Wrongful Levy Claim
If the IRS wrongfully levies property in Nevada, individuals and businesses can file administrative claims with the agen ...
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POSTED ON September 21, 2018
Can the IRS Levy Social Security Payments?
Nevadans who are delinquent on their taxes and receive Social Security benefits may have their benefits levied by the In ...
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POSTED ON September 14, 2018
Over 3,300 Taxpayers Have Lost a Reported $16.8 Million to Tax Collection Scams
The Internal Revenue Service reports that scammers are calling people, pretending to be IRS agents, and threatening them ...
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POSTED ON June 04, 2018
Private Debt Collectors Are Targeting Taxpayers Who Can’t Afford to Pay
The IRS private debt collection program is causing harm in the United States by targeting taxpayers who cannot afford to ...
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POSTED ON April 20, 2018
Simple Mistakes Can Land You in Hot Water with the IRS
Paying careful attention to information and following tax rules can prevent simple tax return mistakes that add up to he ...
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POSTED ON March 20, 2018
Are my tax obligations nullified after I die?
You may have avoided filing a tax return for the last few years. No one’s come to haul you off […] ...
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POSTED ON February 21, 2018
How Proving Insolvency Could Save You Thousands of Dollars
If insolvency is proven on an IRS tax return, a taxpayer can save thousands of dollars because when a taxpayer [… ...
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POSTED ON February 13, 2018
IRS may implement automatic tax penalty forgiveness program
Seventeen years ago, the IRS created a program designed to remove certain tax penalties for late payment or late filing ...
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POSTED ON February 07, 2018
Is the IRS Holding You Accountable for Your Spouse’s Debt?
When a married couple files a joint tax return, both spouses are responsible for the total tax debt generally speaking, ...
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