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Providing Real Help When IRS Collection Efforts Get Aggressive

If you owe personal or business taxes to the federal government, the IRS can aggressively come after your paycheck, your bank account or even your Social Security check to collect their money — all without suing you. Payroll garnishment can amount to as much as 25 percent of your income, and it can seriously impact your family’s well-being by impairing your ability to cover more critical expenses like food, transportation and housing.

If your wages are being garnished or if your bank account is being levied by the IRS, we can stop those measures. Tax attorney Taylor Randolph has helped many people get their financial lives back on track by working with the IRS on their behalf and forging solutions to serious tax problems.

Remove IRS Garnishment With the Help of an Experienced Tax Attorney

Like any other creditor, the IRS does not harass consumers for the fun of it; the agency simply wants its money, or as much of its money as it can get as quickly as possible. Equipped with a full understanding of tax laws and Internal Revenue Service procedures, we know how to negotiate with the IRS to reach favorable agreements that will stop garnishment and restore your full income. Potential solutions include:

  • Offers in Compromise that settle your debt for less than what you owe
  • Realistic payment plans that can help you pay off the debt over a period of time
  • Taking advantage of the innocent spouse rule, which allows some taxpayers to avoid being held responsible for a spouse’s tax debt
  • Tax litigation when the amount of debt is in dispute

A Lawyer Who Can Stop IRS Wage Garnishment in Southern Nevada

If you are frustrated and discouraged about wage garnishment, get an experienced Las Vegas tax garnishment attorney on your side. Contact us to learn more.

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