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POSTED ON March 03, 2021
Common Mistakes Self-Employed Taxpayers Make
Self-employed taxpayers make common mistakes, such as entering incorrect names and social security numbers, reporting in ...
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POSTED ON May 09, 2019
IRS Tax Lien Subordination in Henderson, NV
An IRS tax lien could make it difficult for a debtor to sell or refinance a property in Henderson. A[…] ...
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POSTED ON December 13, 2018
Tax Debt? Here’s What Not to Do
Nevadans who learn that they will owe large tax bills should avoid making some common mistakes because they can make[… ...
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POSTED ON September 06, 2018
Is Tax Debt Collection Forcing You Into Financial Crisis?
Nevadans who owe substantial amounts of tax debt to the IRS may be eligible to have some or all of[…] ...
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POSTED ON August 09, 2018
Tax Debt Could Put the Brakes on Your Travel Plans
When Nevadans are seriously delinquent on their taxes, they may have their existing passports revoked or have their appl ...
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POSTED ON July 09, 2018
Tax Debt? You May Qualify for Penalty Abatement
To consumers who owe a tax debt, the addition of failure-to-pay penalties makes that debt increase significantly, but th ...
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POSTED ON May 08, 2018
4 Strategies for Settling Your Tax Debt
Owing the IRS can be much less intimidating when taxpayers use the right strategies to settle their tax debt. From[…] ...
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POSTED ON April 06, 2018
Do You Need a Fresh Start with Tax Debt?
Since 2011, the Fresh Start program has offered various tax relief options including affordable payment plans to help qu ...
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POSTED ON January 07, 2018
Beware of tax relief companies that make promises they can’t keep
No one wants to pay taxes, let alone owe them to the Internal Revenue Service. The obligation to pay taxes[…] ...
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POSTED ON November 16, 2017
Congress proposes to change tuition-related taxes
Many Las Vegas residents who are paying for student loans and tuition have a hefty financial burden. If you have[…] ...
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