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POSTED ON August 29, 2012
Las Vegas residents: IRS letter is no reason to worry
A notice from the IRS can strike fear into the hearts of the unlucky Las Vegas residents who receive one.[…] ...
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POSTED ON August 22, 2012
Audit accuses IRS of failing to detect fraud
Las Vegas residents may be interested in an article addressing an audit report and apparent rampant fraud in the nation& ...
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POSTED ON August 15, 2012
Las Vegas fans: NFL free agent in trouble for back taxes
Las Vegas football fans may have heard of free-agent professional football player Plaxico Burress. Instead of making hea ...
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POSTED ON August 08, 2012
Apple’s creative IRS strategy may appeal to Nevada businesses
Apple Inc. is making headlines over how they apparently hide some of the company’s profits using a tax maneuver co ...
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