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Struggling to Stay Afloat

With Las Vegas experiencing its worst economic difficulties since the Great Depression, thousands of businesses have been struggling to stay afloat, and many thousands of others have folded. Particularly in the once-thriving construction industry, revenues have shrunk to a fraction of their pre-recession levels. Many business owners have been unable to keep up with business and payroll taxes while also trying to maintain their personal mortgage payments and family expenses.

If you are in debt to the Internal Revenue Service because of unpaid business or payroll taxes, we can help you find a solution. Whether your underlying problem is personal income loss, plunging business revenues, payroll tax underpayment or other issues associated with the difficult economic climate, contact Randolph Law Firm to learn more.

Do You Owe the IRS Money That You Simply Don’t Have?

If you owe the IRS money that you can’t afford to pay, the agency may be taking aggressive steps to collect. You may be receiving threatening letters, or you may be experiencing financial hardship because of wage garnishments or bank levies that have already been used against you.

Solutions to these problems can usually be worked out with the help of a qualified lawyer, no matter how bad your situation seems; doing nothing is the worst option when it comes to the Internal Revenue Service. Options for resolving IRS debt include:

  • Offers in Compromise, which can enable you to pay off your tax debt according to your ability to pay
  • Moving your debt into non-collectible status, a hardship deferment
  • A payment plan that will enable you to make affordable payments over time
  • A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing that can include tax debt and other debts

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Las Vegas Business tax attorney Taylor Randolph is a highly-qualified tax advisor with a detailed understanding of IRS policies and procedures. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your tax situation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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