Randolph Law Firm Results

Settlement for a fraction of the balance owed

Client owed $160,000 to the IRS for a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty stemming from a failed business.  The IRS initially claimed the client had the ability to full pay his balance based on his disposable income and equity in personal assets.  This case was ultimately send to the IRS appeals office where we were able to negotiate a settlement for 5% of his total balance.

Tax bankruptcy and IRS compliance

Client had not filed tax returns for last 12 years and once returns were filed he ultimately owed $220,000.  Client was able to bankrupt total tax liability and was debt free within 3 years of retaining our firm.

High income earner debt free

Client was a doctor who made $200,000 year and owed $150,000 to the IRS and $125,000 from a failed business.  Client shopped around to different local Las Vegas attorneys who all told him that he only option was filing a chapter 13 or chapter 11 bankruptcy.  It was not until he came to us that we advised him that he could in fact qualify for a complicated chapter 7 bankruptcy.  The client retained our firm and within 6 months was completely debt free.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty $314,000 Settled for $2,460

Single mom got stuck with her ex-husband’s payroll tax liability and back taxes totaling $313,850.  She was assigned a revenue officer that had garnished her wages when she came to Randolph Law Firm.  After much negotiation and filing with Appeals, the Offer Specialist settled the liability for $2,460.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty $750,000 Settled for $2,715

Family member got stuck with payroll tax liability because she could not afford to fight the original assessment.  She came to Randolph Law Firm where the tax was settled for $2,715.

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