POSTED ON July 27, 2014
IRS approves voluntary courses for unregulated tax preparers
The majority of taxpayers, including in Nevada, do not do their own returns. Instead, they hire someone to do it [&helli ...
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POSTED ON July 23, 2014
IRS pays and collects millions through informant award program
Some persons may find it a lucrative calling to become an informant for the IRS. Federal law contains provisions to [&he ...
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POSTED ON July 13, 2014
IRS seeks to collect additional $7 billion in overseas taxes
The IRS has unique problems with collections of taxes from Americans and American companies located overseas. Obviously, ...
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POSTED ON July 08, 2014
Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights released by IRS to the public
A majority of Americans, including in Nevada, don’t believe that they have any legal rights with respect to the IRS. [ ...
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