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POSTED ON October 31, 2014
Reports indicate IRS seizing bank accounts of innocent citizens
A recent article in Forbes raises a nefarious activity that the IRS has been using for years to seize the[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 24, 2014
An IRS tax levy must give advance notice of intent to taxpayer
A levy is generally defined as a seizure of property through a legal process. The word has several other meanings[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 17, 2014
Certain steps can help one to avoid a tax audit
Filing taxes can be one of the most stressful experiences a person faces in Nevada. However, even scarier may be[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 10, 2014
Billions in tax debt not properly pursued by the IRS
The Treasury Inspector General has published a federal report indicating that the IRS does not vigorously try to collect ...
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