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POSTED ON February 26, 2017
Problems with using private debt collectors for taxes, part 1: scam protection
In April, the IRS is expected to roll out a program for the use of private debt collectors to go[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 23, 2017
Shrinking what you owe Uncle Sam
By now, you should have received your 1099s from your clients or gathered all schedules and other forms you need[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 20, 2017
3 FAQs on bank account freezes for tax debt
The IRS may not call it a freeze. But when they put a 21-day hold on your bank account, preparatory[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 10, 2017
Tax refund fraud still on IRS’s ‘dirty dozen’ list of scams
The Dirty Dozen was a World War II movie about an attempt by the U.S. military to train convicted murderers to[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 04, 2017
A different travel ban: passport denial or revocation for tax debt
Newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump’s attempt to ban travel to the U.S. from seven predominately Muslim count ...
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