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POSTED ON February 27, 2013
Possible reprieve from IRS penalties against Nevada businesses
Nevada businesses may want to be careful when classifying their workers. The IRS will perform tax audits to determine w ...
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POSTED ON February 22, 2013
Nevada tax time: Mistakes could result in IRS review
It can be extremely easy to make mistakes on a tax return, especially if a Nevada resident is not using[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 14, 2013
Nevada tax liens can result in a negative credit strike
One of the unfortunate possibilities for Nevada residents experiencing tax liens or other tax debt is the potential effe ...
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POSTED ON February 08, 2013
Seek assistance when confronted with back taxes in Nevada
No matter a Nevada resident’s status, back taxes are a nasty surprise that can creep up on anyone. A former[…] ...
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