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POSTED ON June 27, 2013
Tax debt can only be collected for 10 years, experts say
A little-known loophole in American tax law means the Internal Revenue Service only has 10 years, give or take, to[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 19, 2013
Unexpected tax debt not the end of the world for Nevada residents
There are few feelings less pleasant than discovering an “owing” statement from the IRS, especially if it co ...
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POSTED ON June 14, 2013
Tax debt notices not always what they seem, experts say
Receiving notice from the IRS about outstanding payments can be a harrowing experience. But it’s not always what i ...
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POSTED ON June 06, 2013
New bill will require federal employees to pay back tax debt
A bipartisan bill introduced on May 23 is slated to address what some are calling a glaring omission in the[…] ...
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