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POSTED ON September 21, 2018
Can the IRS Levy Social Security Payments?
Nevadans who are delinquent on their taxes and receive Social Security benefits may have their benefits levied by the In ...
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POSTED ON September 14, 2018
Over 3,300 Taxpayers Have Lost a Reported $16.8 Million to Tax Collection Scams
The Internal Revenue Service reports that scammers are calling people, pretending to be IRS agents, and threatening them ...
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POSTED ON September 06, 2018
Is Tax Debt Collection Forcing You Into Financial Crisis?
Nevadans who owe substantial amounts of tax debt to the IRS may be eligible to have some or all of […] ...
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POSTED ON August 21, 2018
Factors That Could Make Your Bankruptcy Payment Grow
People who are making payments under Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plans in Nevada may have circumstances that cause t ...
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POSTED ON August 16, 2018
What it Means When Your Property Goes to a Tax Lien Sale
When a homeowner in Nevada fails to pay property taxes, the government can sell a certificate of lien at public [&hellip ...
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POSTED ON August 09, 2018
Tax Debt Could Put the Brakes on Your Travel Plans
When Nevadans are seriously delinquent on their taxes, they may have their existing passports revoked or have their appl ...
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POSTED ON July 19, 2018
Were You Hit with a Tax Lien? (Here’s What You Need to Know)
Taxpayers who have been hit with a tax lien need to understand what it means, what it implies for their […] ...
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POSTED ON July 09, 2018
Tax Debt? You May Qualify for Penalty Abatement
To consumers who owe a tax debt, the addition of failure-to-pay penalties makes that debt increase significantly, but th ...
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POSTED ON June 20, 2018
How Will Bankruptcy Impact Your Credit Score?
Bankruptcy can significantly impact a consumer’s credit score for up to ten years after filing. Although bankruptc ...
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POSTED ON June 12, 2018
Tax Liens Are About to Be Removed from Your Credit Report
Taxpayers who have tax liens against them may notice a recent boost in their credit rating. As of April 16, […] ...
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