POSTED ON April 13, 2018
You May Be Able to Keep Your Home When Filing Bankruptcy
Under Nevada bankruptcy laws, a homeowner is allowed to keep their home as long as certain conditions are met. Rules [&h ...
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POSTED ON April 06, 2018
Do You Need a Fresh Start with Tax Debt?
Since 2011, the Fresh Start program has offered various tax relief options including affordable payment plans to help qu ...
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POSTED ON March 20, 2018
How Will Bankruptcy Affect Co-Signers?
Under Nevada’s community property laws, generally speaking, co-signers on loans can be held legally responsible fo ...
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POSTED ON March 20, 2018
Are my tax obligations nullified after I die?
You may have avoided filing a tax return for the last few years. No one’s come to haul you off […] ...
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POSTED ON March 16, 2018
Don’t Let Your Ex’s Tax Lien Ruin Your Future
Tax debts that belong to an ex-spouse can result in an IRS tax lien that impacts future loan and real […] ...
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POSTED ON March 14, 2018
Tips to protecting yourself against identity theft
Identity theft is a growing concern around the world. If your credit card number falls into the wrong hands, your [&hell ...
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POSTED ON March 08, 2018
Do you have reason to apply for an offer in compromise?
When you must contend with any kind of debt, you can easily begin to feel overwhelmed. When the debt relates […] ...
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POSTED ON March 07, 2018
Tax Audits: Are You Flying Below the Radar?
Accurate, timely tax returns that are free of certain red flags can prevent IRS tax audits. The IRS has a […] ...
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POSTED ON March 05, 2018
What documentation do I need to provide in an audit?
A tax audit can happen to anyone. However, if you’re self-employed, you might have claimed deductions for your home of ...
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POSTED ON February 27, 2018
Tips for Nevada taxpayers with income from multiple states
One point of confusion for many tax payers is how to handle their taxes if their work is located in […] ...
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