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POSTED ON September 12, 2019
Has Your Case Been Assigned to an IRS Revenue Officer in Henderson?
The IRS sometimes assigns revenue officers to collect tax debts in cases of extreme taxpayer negligence. Revenue officer ...
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POSTED ON August 21, 2019
What penalties Can You Receive as a Result of an IRS Audit in Henderson?
When the IRS finds errors or misstatements during an audit, the taxpayer may be subject to penalties. Taxpayers have the ...
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POSTED ON August 14, 2019
Improving a Distressed Property in Henderson? There May Be a Tax Credit for That
Proposed legislation could make it possible to receive a federal tax credit for rehabilitating single-family homes in di ...
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POSTED ON August 07, 2019
Handling Income Changes While in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Henderson
When a debtor’s income changes while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Nevada, the trustee administering the plan must b ...
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POSTED ON July 25, 2019
Anxiety, Trust, and Health Concerns while Dealing with IRS Debt in Henderson
A Taxpayer Anxiety Index may soon be on the way to help frustrated Americans with tax concerns reach live IRS […] ...
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POSTED ON July 18, 2019
CFPB Proposal: New Protections for Debtors in Henderson
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently announced a proposal to amend Regulation F, the rule which impl ...
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POSTED ON July 11, 2019
Preparing for the Next Market Crash in Henderson
The best way for investors to survive a market crash is to be prepared before one happens. These strategies can [&hellip ...
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POSTED ON June 21, 2019
IRS Profiling in Henderson: Will You Be Audited?
Although some people are randomly chosen for tax audits, there are red flags the IRS uses to profile taxpayers. Understa ...
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POSTED ON June 12, 2019
Is it Time to Hire a Tax Attorney in Henderson?
When taxpayers in Henderson are facing IRS audits or criminal charges for tax fraud, need help with appeals or resolving ...
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POSTED ON June 07, 2019
What Happens to My Company-Issued Credit Card When I File Bankruptcy in Henderson, NV?
When an employee files bankruptcy, the fate of a company-issued credit card depends on the type of card issued and [&hel ...
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