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POSTED ON August 24, 2020
Worker Misclassification Can Trigger an Audit
Misclassifying workers as 1099 independent contractors instead of W-2 employees can trigger an audit with the Internal R ...
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POSTED ON August 17, 2020
Nevada’s Tax Amnesty Program: Could You Escape Penalties?
Delinquent state taxpayers could benefit greatly if a one-time tax amnesty program is implemented in Nevada. Depending o ...
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POSTED ON July 21, 2020
10 Tax Deductions You Didn’t Know You Should Take
Tax breaks are not just for the rich. These 10 tax deductions can also help lower and middle-income taxpayers’ obligat ...
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POSTED ON July 14, 2020
Guide to the IRS Appeals Process
Taxpayers who go through an IRS audit may dispute its results. They may do this by personally filing an appeal[…] ...
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POSTED ON July 07, 2020
Filing Bankruptcy During the Covid-19 Pandemic
It is still possible to file for bankruptcy during COVID-19. However, some of the processes may be modified due to[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 23, 2020
Types of IRS Audits and Possible Outcomes
There are three general types of IRS audits that range in severity and may result in one of three possible[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 16, 2020
Can an S Corp and An Escort Take the 199A Deduction
Yes, shareholders in an S Corp and an escort can take the 199A deduction. However, this is only if they[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 11, 2020
What Happens When You Declare Bankruptcy?
Protection from creditors begins immediately after filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 with an automatic stay. All collec ...
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POSTED ON May 22, 2020
Can your Stimulus Payments Be Garnished?
Depending on the circumstance, yes, a stimulus payment could be garnished. There are is a loophole in the CARES Act[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 15, 2020
Is Your COVID-19 Stimulus Payment Taxable?
The COVID-19 stimulus payment most individuals recently received is not taxable. The payment is not an advance on future ...
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