POSTED ON June 12, 2018
Tax Liens Are About to Be Removed from Your Credit Report
Taxpayers who have tax liens against them may notice a recent boost in their credit rating. As of April 16, […] ...
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POSTED ON June 04, 2018
Private Debt Collectors Are Targeting Taxpayers Who Can’t Afford to Pay
The IRS private debt collection program is causing harm in the United States by targeting taxpayers who cannot afford to ...
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POSTED ON May 21, 2018
5 Surefire Ways to Screw Up Your Bankruptcy
The bankruptcy process is fairly complex, and many mistakes can completely defeat an individual’s ability to file for ...
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POSTED ON May 14, 2018
Assets That May Be Exempt from IRS Tax Liens
The IRS has the right to seize assets through a tax lien to get the money taxpayers owe, but for […] ...
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POSTED ON May 08, 2018
4 Strategies for Settling Your Tax Debt
Owing the IRS can be much less intimidating when taxpayers use the right strategies to settle their tax debt. From [&hel ...
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POSTED ON April 20, 2018
Simple Mistakes Can Land You in Hot Water with the IRS
Paying careful attention to information and following tax rules can prevent simple tax return mistakes that add up to he ...
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POSTED ON April 13, 2018
You May Be Able to Keep Your Home When Filing Bankruptcy
Under Nevada bankruptcy laws, a homeowner is allowed to keep their home as long as certain conditions are met. Rules [&h ...
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POSTED ON April 06, 2018
Do You Need a Fresh Start with Tax Debt?
Since 2011, the Fresh Start program has offered various tax relief options including affordable payment plans to help qu ...
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POSTED ON March 20, 2018
How Will Bankruptcy Affect Co-Signers?
Under Nevada’s community property laws, generally speaking, co-signers on loans can be held legally responsible fo ...
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POSTED ON March 20, 2018
Are my tax obligations nullified after I die?
You may have avoided filing a tax return for the last few years. No one’s come to haul you off […] ...
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