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POSTED ON March 19, 2019
Selling Your Home After Filing for Bankruptcy
It may be possible for homeowners to sell their homes during a bankruptcy. However, debtors should be aware of the [&hel ...
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POSTED ON February 20, 2019
Should You Convert Your Bankruptcy Case?
An unexpected life event could make it difficult to meet Chapter 13 repayment obligations. Converting to a Chapter 7 ban ...
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POSTED ON January 22, 2019
Receiving Life Insurance Benefits After Filing Bankruptcy
When Nevadans receive life insurance proceeds before or after they have filed for bankruptcy, they might be able to cla ...
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POSTED ON December 21, 2018
What Happens if You Divorce While in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
Nevadans who divorce during their Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plans will need to decide how to handle their Chapter ...
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POSTED ON November 20, 2018
How Will Filing Bankruptcy Impact My Job?
Nevadans who file for bankruptcy may be concerned about the potential impact on their jobs, but there are anti-discrimin ...
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POSTED ON October 16, 2018
Getting a Loan While in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
It is difficult for Nevadans who are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plans to get new credit, but it can […] ...
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POSTED ON August 21, 2018
Factors That Could Make Your Bankruptcy Payment Grow
People who are making payments under Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plans in Nevada may have circumstances that cause t ...
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POSTED ON July 23, 2018
How Will Winning the Lottery Affect Your Bankruptcy?
If someone wins the lottery while under bankruptcy protection, the amount won, type of petition filed, and timing of the ...
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POSTED ON June 20, 2018
How Will Bankruptcy Impact Your Credit Score?
Bankruptcy can significantly impact a consumer’s credit score for up to ten years after filing. Although bankruptc ...
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POSTED ON May 21, 2018
5 Surefire Ways to Screw Up Your Bankruptcy
The bankruptcy process is fairly complex, and many mistakes can completely defeat an individual’s ability to file for ...
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