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POSTED ON October 24, 2012
Nevada tax debt: Tax debts reported to credit bureaus?
An interesting question is being posed that has the possibility to affect Nevada taxpayers. The Government Accountabilit ...
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POSTED ON October 18, 2012
Las Vegas churches may have the chance to challenge IRS policy
Las Vegas-area religious leaders may be involved in a recent protest by pastors around the country against IRS policies. ...
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POSTED ON October 08, 2012
Nevada tax debt: Using a 401K to pay back taxes to the IRS
The IRS has extensive power to collect taxes. It is able to seize nearly everything that people own in order[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 03, 2012
Health care overhaul: Nevada families may soon owe the IRS money
Nevada residents could owe the IRS money once the tax penalty from the health care overhaul takes effect. The majority[ ...
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