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POSTED ON December 24, 2016
Payroll tax compliance for small businesses: 3 common questions
As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your mind this time of year. The holidays can be a[…] ...
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POSTED ON December 22, 2016
How to manage overwhelming tax debt
As the New Year begins, you may be checking the mail or logging into your work account to see your[…] ...
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POSTED ON December 18, 2016
Don’t let a tax scam steal your holiday cheer
Dr. Seuss’s Grinch famously tried to steal Christmas. In their own way, tax scammers try to do this as well.[…] ...
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POSTED ON December 09, 2016
Collection actions for unpaid taxes: How far back can the IRS go?
If have gotten behind on your taxes, you are not alone. IRS data for 2015 shows more than 13 million[…] ...
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POSTED ON December 02, 2016
Nonfiling, part 2: IRS fine-tuning program to identify nonfilers
In the first part of this post, we noted how the IRS has ways to identify you if you should[…] ...
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