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POSTED ON October 29, 2013
IRS declares tax season delayed this year
The country’s revenue service is still recovering from the delays that resulted from the recent government shutdow ...
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POSTED ON October 23, 2013
IRS slowly recovering from government shutdown
Following the government shutdown that paralyzed many agencies throughout the nation, the country’s revenue servic ...
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POSTED ON October 15, 2013
Government shutdown causes IRS woes for some Nevada residents
Taxpayers the nation over already struggling with tax issues may find the government shutdown making things worse, accor ...
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POSTED ON October 08, 2013
Government shutdown: IRS to stop issuing, enforcing tax liens
The Internal Revenue Service has issued a statement that will profoundly affect their operations during the governmental ...
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POSTED ON October 02, 2013
Advice for Nevada residents trying to avoid IRS visit
Keeping track of income tax is a year-round responsibility for every American, not just during tax time. Nevada resident ...
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