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Las Vegas tax man!!!!

The man is amazing! Came to Taylor Three years ago. Had problems with the IRS (owed over $250.000 for six years behind in my mortgage and had tons of various debts. Taylor Kept the IRS at bay for the entire time. Kept my family in the house without paying lender for the three years (They wouldn’t take payments) and fought off some law suits.

Fast forward three years and Taylor short sold our house with a waiver and no taxes owed and were able to bankrupt all debts. Most importantly the IRs debt.

It was a chapter 7 bankruptcy and no other attorney in town even knew how to qualify me with my higher income. It’s not too high., but above normal chapter 7 allowable amount. The best part is he was great about monthly payments.

I have my life back- thank you Taylor Randolph and his amazing staff!!!!

by John M

Discharged $162,423.65 IRS tax debt with chapter 7 bankruptcy

Taylor Randolph is a high – powered tax attorney. He was able to file our chapter 7 bankruptcy and get our tax debt of $162,423.65 dismissed. He is an honest man and an honest attorney. He is personable, professional and trustworthy. $162,423.65 Taylor thank you for wat you have done for us. It is because of you that we are able to sleep at night. It is because of you that we have a fresh start. I had to give you only 5-star review. Because they don’t have 10-star review which you deserve. Thank you, thank you and another thank you. I will refer you to anyone that need a great lawyer.

By Alisa and Kehar

By Cherry C.

Taylor Randolph and his staff deserve five stars! Having Taylor help me with my mess with the IRS hanged my life and helped me move on with my life. I had an IRS bill of $80k due to self- employment taxes owed and a mess my ex-husband left me. With Taylor’s help he was able to sort everything out and was able to reduce my debt to $3,000! I am forever thankful and will always return for my regular tax return filings. Highly recommend and trust Randolph law firm! – Cherry

Joe K- Indio CA

I searched all around for a tax attorney to help me resolve an issue I was having with CA franchise tax board. They were saying I owed past due business tax, but I Knew they had made a mistake. I called around to a few of those 800 numbers you always hear on the radio but nobody seemed to know why to handle this issue.

I finally found Randolph law firm and actually got to personally meet with Taylor Randolph when I went into the office. After meeting with him and he didn’t put any pressure on me to retain him. After a couple months they were able to get my tax issue resolved with a result. I am ecstatic about. I couldn’t’ be more thankful and if I ever need an attorney in the future or have any tax issues I ill not hesitate t call them. Thank you for all your help!!

Like W

Short version- this firm is amazing and attorney Taylor Randolph is incredible with his dedicated skills and knowledge to get my life fully financially corrected.

Long version – I owed IRS over $655,000 for many years and had many unfilled tax returns. Yes, some of the taxes I owed, but many of the taxes were no corrected. My wife searched the Randolph law firm and to be honest I was skeptical. I figured I would just owe the IRS for the rest of my life and I had practically quit and had given up hope. Then I met with Taylor. He was very easy to Speak with and actually done 100%! Be is the best tax attorney in Las Vegas and for me even America. Today I stand as a rehabilitated Tax payer with all my returns filed and Zero IRD debt. He got ride of it all!! Than you Taylor. He is the Michael Phelps of tax attorneys!!!!

Jacob H

Randolph Law Firm was second to none! They were professional from start to finish. I’ve filed with others in the past, but this was my first time with their firm. Leah checked me in at the front desk and was warm and friendly, and Jordan helped me file. He answered my questions and was very helpful. It was a smooth process and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their service. For ANYTHING tax related, Randolph Law Firm is the only way to go. Come every tax season I’ll be coming back.

Lisa T

Jordan is amazing at what he does and really makes such a stressful time of the year easier to deal with it! I can honestly see him at the very last minute with a box full of invoices, check stubs, receipts, and paperwork that needs to be sorted and filed to the IRS and he will jump right on it without any hesitation. Not only will he organized a years worth of madness for my company and file our IRS taxes but he will sit us down and take the time to explain everything he found and give us advice for next year. His customer service and patience is very hard to find. I recommend you stop by Randolph Law Firm and talk to Jordan for any tax advices or services you may need. I promise you will not be disappointed!

T Diamond

Very good firm. Everyone in the office is super helpful and friendly. I was able to meet with Mr. Randolph personally on more than one occasion. They have made me feel at ease with the entire process. Leo has been amazing in helping with all documents and questions about the process. I always get a response if I reach out with questions about my case or notices I receive. Great experience.

Jaime G

Although I never actually used this law firms services, I do know a bit about who this firm hires. Victoria Corey was one of the most dedicated and hard working colleagues that I know and who now works at this law office. I know that she will use this same hard working attitude and discipline in helping you with your legal issues.

Devoneer V

Mr. Randolph’s services were impeccable. And Macielle was very kind and helpful.

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