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POSTED ON March 31, 2017
Tax season means the possibility of an audit
It’s tax season. Some people are already done with their taxes while others are still compiling all their documentatio ...
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POSTED ON March 26, 2017
How do tax liens affect on credit scores? Credit bureaus announce a change
You’ve probably heard that failing to pay taxes or set up a payment plan for doing goes on your credit[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 23, 2017
Surviving an IRS audit
There are two types of people in Nevada: those who dread tax time and those who work for the Internal[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 11, 2017
Credit reports and tax debt: 3 things to know
If you are struggling to pay the IRS, chances are you are also struggling to pay other creditors. You may[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 05, 2017
Private tax collectors, part 2: cases of financial hardship
Next month the IRS will begin a program for using the private debt collection industry to go after people with[…] ...
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