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POSTED ON August 27, 2013
Important for Nevada teens to understand IRS obligations
While many working teenagers do not make enough money in a given year to be concerned about owing taxes, others[…] ...
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POSTED ON August 23, 2013
IRS remiss in sending tax liens notification
A recent report from the federal treasury suggests the nation’s Internal Revenue Service has not always followed i ...
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POSTED ON August 16, 2013
Several bills designed to curb powers of IRS
Tax collection agencies perform a vital service, but they are rarely the most beloved of organizations. Here in Nevada a ...
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POSTED ON August 08, 2013
IRS able to share bank information in certain situations
Many Americans have a dim view of the Internal Revenue Service, and the “tax man” is arguably no one’s ...
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POSTED ON August 02, 2013
Taxpayers may benefit from visiting IRS website
With tax season just recently over, many people may be breathing a sigh of relief knowing the tax man will[…] ...
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