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POSTED ON May 31, 2016
Divorce and taxes: a Q & A for the uncoupling
“In this world nothing can be said to be certain,” Benjamin Franklin reportedly said, “except death an ...
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POSTED ON May 29, 2016
Marriage and taxes: Is there really a marriage penalty?
For years, many couples have complained about having to pay more in taxes than two single people would have to[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 22, 2016
Odds and oddities of tax audits: 3 things to know
A tax audit is naturally something you want to avoid. At the same time, however, you want to be able[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 11, 2016
Getting a hardship deferment on your taxes: an FAQ on CNC status
One of the themes of this blog is that even if you can’t pay your tax debt in full, you[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 07, 2016
If your OIC offer in rejected, can you appeal?
In our previous post, we wrote about making an offer in compromise (OIC) in order to try to settle your[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 06, 2016
Settling up with the IRS: 3 things to know about an offer in compromise (OIC)
It’s an anxious feeling, knowing you don’t have enough money to pay your taxes. After all, if you don’ ...
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POSTED ON May 02, 2016
Prince and estate taxes, part 2: complicated issues to resolve
In the first part of this post, we began a discussion of estate and gift taxes. The discussion was prompted[…] ...
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