Getting A Fresh Financial Start After Bankruptcy

You’ve probably been living with the stress of unpaid debts for so long that it’s hard to believe you could ever get a fresh financial start.

But it’s really true that it is possible; that’s what the bankruptcy laws are there for.

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What Will Your Future Look Like After Bankruptcy?

You may have heard that bankruptcy dings your credit rating. As far as it goes, that’s true, but here’s the thing: you can rebuild credit after bankruptcy. And besides, if you are at a point where you can’t pay your bills and creditors are after you, your credit is already pretty dinged up anyway.

After bankruptcy, those creditors will have to back off. And that will be a profound relief, taking away a lot of your stress.

To be sure, a lot depends on what type of consumer bankruptcy you file. If it’s Chapter 13, rather than Chapter 7, you will probably have to work out a payment plan to pay off a portion of your debts over a period of three to five years.

The main thing, however, is that you are moving forward and will no longer have those creditors harassing you. You can also begin to rebuild credit by taking steps such as using prepaid debit cards.

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