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POSTED ON October 07, 2016
Time running out for Nevada’s foreclosure mediation program
Seeking to avoid foreclosure? A state program can help – but not for long. In the wake of the housing[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 25, 2016
Cancelled debt and income taxes, part 2: Forgiven mortgage debt
In the first part of this post, we noted that forgiven debt is generally treated as income. In this part[…] ...
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POSTED ON July 20, 2012
Las Vegas tax liens can be detrimental to homeowners
A sad report recently issued by the National Consumer Law Center offered some startling news that could affect Las Vegas ...
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POSTED ON July 11, 2012
Legislation offering tax debt relief set to expire at end of 2012
The nation’s struggling economy has hit homeowners especially hard over the past few years. Many in Nevada and acr ...
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POSTED ON May 18, 2012
Many Nevada Homeowners or Property Owners have lost their property to either a short sale or a foreclosure. Maybe you[ ...
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POSTED ON May 14, 2012
Judicial Foreclosures – FIGHT THEM!!
Like many Nevada homeowners, you have suffered a hardship and have not paid you lender for many months.  Foreclosur ...
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POSTED ON May 03, 2012
Nevada Foreclosure Mediation (FMP) – Does it work?
Assume you just opened your mailbox and have 5-10 certified letters from your Lender or Foreclosing Trustee has just occ ...
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