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Home foreclosure reached catastrophic proportions in the state of Nevada following the collapse of the housing bubble in 2007 and 2008. With severely deflated home values, struggling hospitality and construction industries, mortgage rate adjustments, and rampant unemployment, Las Vegas has been hit harder than almost anywhere else.

At Randolph Law Firm, we help homeowners find practical solutions to serious financial problems, including the threat of foreclosure. If you are afraid of losing your home and you need the advice of a professional you can trust, contact us to explore your options during a free consultation.

Leveraging Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Law (AB-149)

In 2009, the state of Nevada adopted a new law that can help more homeowners save their homes from foreclosure. The bill known as AB-149 was signed into Nevada law in direct response to the foreclosure crisis Nevada homeowners are facing. With tens of thousands of homeowners either in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure status, AB-149 is the legislature’s solution.

Under this law, with the help of a competent attorney at your side, you have the right to mediate with your lender before they can foreclose on your home. Once mediation is requested, your lender’s power of sale is on hold “until the completion of the mediation.” The mediation process is coordinated through the Nevada Supreme Court Mediation Program.

Attorney Taylor Randolph is a Nevada Supreme Court-appointed Mediator. The Randolph Law Firm is well versed in the processes and procedures associated with the Nevada foreclosure mediation program, and we can help you utilize it to your advantage if other resolution methods have failed.

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Foreclosure mediation may be a way to help you keep your home, or another option may be a better way to avoid foreclosure. If you are seeking an experienced, honest lawyer who can assist you in solving your mortgage or debt problem, Randolph Law Firm can help. Contact us.

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