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If you are behind on your mortgage payments or you are afraid of getting behind, you are not alone. Many thousands of Nevada homeowners have struggled in the wake of severe unemployment and a major housing collapse in the Las Vegas area.

If you want to avoid losing your home to foreclosure, there may be several options for avoiding it. At Randolph Law Firm, we are highly experienced in helping homeowners find solutions that resolve their specific problems with the smallest possible amount of damage and expense. We can help you explore possibilities that will prevent foreclosure on your home, including:

  • Loan modification that will change the terms of a mortgage, especially the interest rate, to make it easier to afford
  • Foreclosure mediation, now mandated by Nevada law, that allows a homeowner the opportunity to communicate with their lender before the lender can foreclose on a property
  • Short sales that enable homeowners to sell underwater properties for their current market value
  • Loan litigation that can resolve a troubled mortgage situation when a lender has acted irresponsibly or illegally

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We are not a loan modification company. As a law firm with extensive knowledge of the foreclosure process and extensive experience with foreclosure prevention, we will take the time to understand your situation and help you make choices about your mortgage that are best for you and your family. Contact us to talk to a lawyer about your concerns.

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