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POSTED ON April 28, 2015
IRS targets poorest taxpayers for levies despite reports
A U.S. Tax Court decision in 2011 held that the IRS cannot issue levies on economically vulnerable taxpayers who are[… ...
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POSTED ON April 21, 2015
IRS reports serious deficiencies in taxpayer services
In one major regional IRS collection center, the supervisory revenue officer has stated that the agency will not collect ...
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POSTED ON April 13, 2015
Best practice: check IRS returns to assure all is correct
Wednesday, April 15 is of course the deadline for United States citizens and residents, including in Nevada, to file the ...
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POSTED ON April 06, 2015
Different strategies to pay IRS tax debt when funds are tight
If a taxpayer in Nevada or elsewhere doesn’t have money to pay his or her taxes by the April 15[…] ...
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POSTED ON April 03, 2015
Taxpayer should send finished return to IRS, even without payment
There are always some of us in Nevada or elsewhere who finish their taxes and find that they don’t have[…] ...
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