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POSTED ON February 25, 2015
IRS may accept less than the tax due by an offer in compromise
The IRS reports that its acceptance rate for offers in compromise has gone up from 25 percent in 2010 to[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 17, 2015
TIGTA largely approves IRS use of Fresh Start Initiatives
The Fresh Start Initiatives of the IRS were instituted in 2011 to give burdened taxpayers, including residents of Nevada ...
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POSTED ON February 11, 2015
Some common factors raise IRS red flags for tax audit
The average taxpayer’s chances of being audited this year is about 1 percent. Roughly one out of every 100 taxpaye ...
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POSTED ON February 05, 2015
IRS funds taxpayer offices that assist low-income taxpayers
It seems like an unlikely possibility, but the IRS funds an annual program that helps low income persons, including here ...
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