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The fear of foreclosure can be crippling, and the stress of dealing with an unresponsive mortgage lender or mortgage servicer can be exhausting. Many Las Vegas homeowners are struggling with mortgage rate adjustments, income losses, upside-down houses and other problems that have unfortunately become common in Nevada.

Some homeowners can get mortgage relief through loan modification or short sale, while others are able to resolve their mortgage struggles by eradicating credit card debt through bankruptcy or debt settlement. In some situations where these methods are not available or applicable, though, loan litigation can be a viable last resort. Loan litigation, as it sounds, means suing a lender for wrongdoing, bad faith, improper loan recording or securitization, or other violations related to the loan itself.

If you have a legitimate legal claim in relation to your mortgage, Randolph Law Firm can represent you in a lawsuit against your lender. In some cases, we can negotiate with the lender on your behalf to reach favorable results, such as modified loan terms or, in rare cases, invalidation of the mortgage itself. Having dealt with hundreds of mortgage cases, we can help you develop a strategy for improving your situation.

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Mortgage problems can often be solved in a variety of ways. We can help you understand whether you qualify for modification or foreclosure mediation, or whether loan litigation is in your best interest. The southern Nevada mortgage litigation attorneys of Randolph Law Firm can provide the professional guidance you need if you are concerned about lender violations. Contact us to speak to a lawyer about your circumstances.

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