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POSTED ON May 24, 2021
Behind on Payroll Taxes?
A business falling behind on payroll taxes can have significant consequences, such as the imprisonment of the owner, fin ...
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POSTED ON January 12, 2018
Companies: what to do if your W-2 data has been hacked
Recently, hackers have been trying a new tactic to steal people’s identities: they’re targeting company payroll ...
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POSTED ON December 28, 2017
How to prepare for retirement when you’re self-employed
If you’re a permanent employee, all of the benefits your employer provides may go largely unnoticed. However, if you ...
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POSTED ON December 21, 2017
I’m self employed. How much will I pay in taxes?
Independent contractors have been increasingly taking the place of permanent employees in many companies across the Unit ...
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POSTED ON December 07, 2017
When small business owners fail to pay their taxes
Owning a small business is not for the faint of heart. At times, it can be a challenging, financially unstable[…] ...
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POSTED ON November 22, 2017
National Tax Security Awareness Week: Nov. 27–Dec. 1
In the wake of the Equifax data breach earlier this year, tax payers may be more wary than ever about[…] ...
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POSTED ON November 07, 2017
What do tax overhaul proposals mean for ‘gig economy’ workers?
There is no shortage of analysis related to taxes right now. The president has offered a peak at what he[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 31, 2017
Protecting tax-exempt status if you have it
Gaining legal status as a nonprofit organization is not easy. The reason for this is simple. As we have noted[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 13, 2017
Is the IRS seeking unpaid payroll taxes from your company?
Probably one of the most tedious jobs you have as a small business owner is payroll. Not only is the[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 02, 2017
Worker classification and its effect on employment tax obligations, P.2
Previously, we began looking at the issue of worker classification and its implications for employment tax obligations. ...
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