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POSTED ON April 25, 2014
Collections by private companies may supplement IRS efforts
Despite the fact that the government has unsuccessfully used private contractors in the past to try to collect tax reven ...
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POSTED ON April 16, 2014
IRS criticized by U.S. Senators for seizing refunds on old debts
The IRS is being challenged for what may be another overly aggressive collection tactic that has seemingly caused a lot[ ...
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POSTED ON April 11, 2014
Whistleblower program flounders under IRS mismanagement
The whistleblower program administered by the IRS is only good if the agency follows up on the information provided. App ...
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POSTED ON April 04, 2014
Disabled man’s financial obligations put him in debt to the IRS
Some retired, disabled persons have run into a catch-22 situation that is frustrating and spirit-draining. It can happen ...
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