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POSTED ON March 29, 2013
Avoid or satisfy a tax debt by filing your 2012 tax return
For Las Vegas residents, and indeed for every American, April 15 can be a daunting date. It is estimated that[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 21, 2013
A Nevada tax audit most likely in only 1.1 percent of cases
As we draw near to the height of tax season, many Nevada residents begin worrying about potential pitfalls that could[ ...
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POSTED ON March 11, 2013
Mistakes on Nevada tax returns could result in tax debt bill
Nevada residents gearing up for tax time might be interested in the story of a former NFL player, Bill Romanowski,[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 08, 2013
Options for Las Vegas taxpayers dealing with tax debt
No Las Vegas resident wants to find themselves in debt with the IRS, but occasionally it can happen. Fortunately, there[ ...
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