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POSTED ON September 25, 2016
Paying off tax debt with an installment agreement: 5 things to know
You may have heard that it’s pretty easy to set up an online payment plan to pay your tax debt[…] ...
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POSTED ON September 19, 2016
Poor IRS customer service: What is the IRS doing to improve it?
The IRS’s ability to offer acceptable customer service has slipped badly in recent years. Wait times for phone service ...
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POSTED ON September 11, 2016
Business tax audits: IRS changing its approach
The overall number of tax audits has been going down for businesses in recent years, just as it has for[…] ...
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POSTED ON September 02, 2016
Wage garnishment by the IRS: 3 things to know
If the IRS is going after your wages, it’s obviously a serious situation. If you’re like most people, you ne ...
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