Posted On April 13, 2015

Best practice: check IRS returns to assure all is correct

Wednesday, April 15 is of course the deadline for United States citizens and residents, including in Nevada, to file their personal tax returns. The IRS takes postmark of April 15 seriously, so that anything marked after that date will assuredly be charged with late penalties. In order to avoid the hassle of being late, here are some tips to assure that it doesn’t happen.

Double-check everything: make sure the forms are signed, that the postage on the envelope is sufficient and that the mail is deposited in the box prior to its scheduled pick-up time. Make sure there are no typographical errors and that the IRS address is the correct one for the residence address of the sender. First class postage is required, and if the package feels heavier than normal weight, it is best to make sure there is not shortage on the postage.

A sloppy hand-written envelope may end up in Timbuktu. Take the time to print neatly for this one important task. Also, with an envelope that is chock full of papers, tape it down with acceptable postal tape to make sure that the whole thing does not come apart prior to reaching its destination. If the filer is mailing a package of 13 ounces or more, it must be taken to the post office and cannot be dropped in a box.

As usual, residents of Nevada and elsewhere will be well-advised to make the return in full and on time even if the filer does not have sufficient funds to include with the filing. The taxpayer is encouraged to include a partial payment if possible. The IRS will still accrue interest on a late payment, but it may forego the imposition of penalties if the correct effort is made to file on time with the full information and a good faith partial payment.

Source: wthitv.com, “Tax deadline approaches; make sure yours get there on time“, April 12, 2015