Posted On August 15, 2012

Las Vegas fans: NFL free agent in trouble for back taxes

Las Vegas football fans may have heard of free-agent professional football player Plaxico Burress. Instead of making headlines for his athletic prowess, he’s unfortunately in trouble for back taxes. Reports claim the player owes one state $59, 241 in back taxes.

Burress is accused of failing to pay taxes on his 2007 NFL season, one in which he played with the Giants. This season is reported as one of his best, with 70 passes caught and a career-high number of touchdowns scored. After the 2007 season, his team went on to win the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, Burress remains unemployed and seems to be having trouble getting picked up by another NFL team. If he happens to be selected for another team, he will likely have no issues paying the tax bill off. However, Burress is getting older in a game that favors the young, and his chances to regain football glory appear to be diminishing.

Many times, celebrities and athletes in Las Vegas and elsewhere have someone else managing their finances, and things like this can sometimes take them by surprise. Reports do not state whether Burress is working to pay these back taxes off or if he will have to get another job to start making payments towards the debt. Either way, a tax bill of more than $59,000 can take anyone off guard. Hopefully he will be able to successfully satisfy this debt soon, before his financial troubles become any worse. He would be wise to consider researching all relevant tax law to determine if he is in fact liable for this high level of tax debt, and what options he may have to satisfy his tax obligation.

Source: NBC Sports, “Plaxico Burress owes $59,241 in back taxes,” Michael David Smith, Aug. 7, 2012