Posted On June 12, 2019
Is it Time to Hire a Tax Attorney in Henderson?

Is it Time to Hire a Tax Attorney in Henderson?

When taxpayers in Henderson are facing IRS audits or criminal charges for tax fraud, need help with appeals or resolving tax debt, or have legal questions about their taxes, it may be time to hire a tax attorney. Without the help of a tax attorney, taxpayers could be at a disadvantage when dealing with IRS agents. A tax lawyer understands the legal terminology, how a civil tax case works, taxpayer rights, and important factors to consider when resolving complicated tax problems.

When More Than a CPA is Needed

A tax attorney is better suited than a certified public accountant (CPA) to handle certain situations. A CPA has proficiency in filing tax returns or advising taxpayers on what tax credits or deductions to claim. However, when dealing with legal issues, like complex tax relief applications or cases that could result in criminal or legal ramifications, a tax attorney is the best choice for help.

Common Situations Where a Tax Lawyer is Helpful

The IRS acknowledges that taxpayers make mistakes and that not everyone is trying to cheat on their taxes. Sometimes tax mistakes can be cleared up without an attorney, but hiring a lawyer can make the process go smoother in situations like:

Tax Audits

When taxpayers are facing an IRS audit, it may be time to hire a tax attorney. While correspondence audits are fairly uncomplicated and performed by mail, an office audit or field audit requires a face-to-face meeting. A tax attorney can help clients prepare for IRS audits and negotiate settlements like offers in compromise, installment agreements, and penalty abatement.

Tax appeals

Navigating the ocean of information regarding tax law and taxpayer rights can be overwhelming for taxpayers going into a tax appeal. Hiring a tax attorney to guide them through the appeals process can help prevent unnecessary losses and ensure they find the most savings.

Tax penalties

When taxpayers do not file or pay their taxes on time or not at all, the IRS will impose tax penalties. Tax lawyers help their clients find tax relief solutions to avoid more severe consequences like tax levies, tax liens, or property seizures.

Tax Fraud

Taxpayers who are accused of tax fraud need a tax lawyer to help them avoid or reduce tax penalties. The penalties for criminal tax fraud include the taxes and penalties owed, but also up to five years in prison, fines, and the cost to prosecute their tax crimes.

A taxpayer needs a tax attorney if he or she is accused of:

  • Intentionally understating income
  • Concealing income or assets
  • Failing to make estimated tax payments
  • Engaging in or concealing illegal activities