Posted On August 21, 2015
Several solutions available for those facing IRS audits

Several solutions available for those facing IRS audits

Some people in Nevada who owe federal taxes may find themselves being audited, which can be an overwhelming and unpleasant experience. Although those individuals who receive letters about Internal Revenue Service audits can challenge this process, this can be an intimidating notion. A tax attorney can help them to respond to the IRS and address the problems before they become even bigger concerns.

People end up owing money to the IRS for a variety of reasons. For example, they may have lost personal income or business revenues. Tax troubles can also stem from issues such as payroll tax underpayment or retirement account withdrawals.

Unfortunately, the IRS can be aggressive in auditing and collecting money from individuals by garnishing their paychecks and putting liens on their property. The IRS can even levy a person’s bank accounts or shut down someone’s company. This can deal a blow to a person’s finances and diminish his or her quality of life.

A experienced attorney can represent people facing IRS audits by dealing with the government agency on their behalf and presenting multiple solutions. A lawyer, for instance, can help an individual to create a tax debt pay-off plan. People may also be able to defer their tax debt or even appeal an IRS audit or collection activities. Through tax solutions such as non-collectible status arrangements, hardship agreements, installment agreements and offers in compromise, people who owe money to the IRS can make their overwhelming-tax-debt situations easier to manage in Nevada and more quickly return to normal life.