Posted On September 05, 2014
Nevada residents can successfully file a tax appeal

Nevada residents can successfully file a tax appeal

Everyone wants to do their part to keep the country running, but sometimes tax issues can simply be overwhelming. Taxes are a part of life that most people dread. This is particularly true if an audit is requested by the IRS. Nevada residents who have been audited and don’t agree with the outcome can file a tax appeal.

Tax appeals can be submitted for a number of reasons, which may include if there is a belief that the IRS made an incorrect decision based on a misinterpretation or improper application of the law and/or there is a belief that inappropriate collection actions are being pursued. The request for an appeal must be submitted in the form of a written protest in order to be considered. In the appeals process, individuals may choose to represent themselves or utilize a professional representative — such as an attorney.

Several things must be included when filing a formal protest. Specific details can be found on the IRS website. A request for a tax appeal must be filed within a certain time frame. Each case is different, but generally speaking, there is a 30 day time limit to appeal an IRS audit determination. Failing to include all the required information and filing within the specified time frame may result in a denial or delay of the appeals process.

Attention to detail and a strong understanding of tax laws will help Nevada residents successfully file a tax appeal. Those who are worried about the complexities of the appeals process don’t have to face the situation alone. When needed, assistance is available to ensure all the required documentation is in order and also to provide valuable insight to the appeals process, including information regarding individual rights and protections.

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