Posted On July 13, 2017
Negative tax audit results? Maybe you should file an appeal

Negative tax audit results? Maybe you should file an appeal

Not many situations can strike the same type of fear that you and many other Nevada residents may feel as when you get a notice of an IRS audit. Because dealing with the IRS in any form can cause anxiety and stress, the idea of an audit may leave you feeling at a loss. If the outcomes of an audit suggest that you owe the government more money, you may feel especially disheartened by the situation.

Luckily, you do not have to simply accept the results of a tax audit. In fact, you may have the opportunity to appeal the results of such proceedings through the IRS Office of Appeals. As the name suggests, this office handles appeals for audit results that individuals find unsatisfactory.

Filing an appeal

If you wish to file an appeal, an appeal officer will look over the results of your audit. Because the IRS hopes to avoid litigation when it comes to handling such cases, the Office of Appeals often works to find the best compromise for the circumstances. You have the ability to provide your reasons for why you believe the audit results do not fit your case.

Benefits of an appeal

As with any type of appeal, you likely hope to gain better outcomes than the ones previously reached. If your appeal case proves successful, you could potentially have your taxes and penalties reduced or possibly even entirely eliminated. Additionally, you face no costs for the appeal itself, though you may incur fees if you choose to enlist professional assistance, and the process moves forward relatively quickly.

Drawbacks of an appeal

Though the majority of appeals sees a person’s owed amount reduced, the possibility for an increased amount of taxes and penalties does exist. Because the appeals officer will completely review your case, he or she could potentially catch an issue that the original auditor missed. As a result, you may find yourself facing a more detrimental outcome. Therefore, if you know that another issue with your tax situation exists, you may want to be sure that appealing your original audit is the course you wish to follow.

Tax law information

Because tax laws can prove complicated and confusing even at the best of times, you may have questions regarding the process for going through an audit and potentially appealing the results. If so, you could utilize local legal resources to find out information that may help you better understand your situation and options.