Posted On April 11, 2019
Can You Appeal An IRS Tax Decision in Henderson, NV?

Can You Appeal An IRS Tax Decision in Henderson, NV?

Taxpayers have a right to appeal IRS decisions they feel are incorrect or unfair. One of the most common issues that are appealed is a tax bill adjustment because of an audit. When appealing a tax decision, the taxpayer needs to understand what the problem is and be able to explain why he or she believes the IRS is wrong. A tax lawyer can help prepare taxpayers for the appeals process.

The IRS Appeals Process

An appeal can be directly made to the IRS Office of Appeals. This is an independent organization within the IRS that helps taxpayers resolve their tax disputes without the need for litigation. A taxpayer can take advantage of the mediation services made available through the IRS Fast Track Settlement program or directly request an appeals conference. If the taxpayer is not satisfied with the Fast Track program, he or she may withdraw from it at any time and request an appeals conference instead.

Taxpayers need to be prepared with information to support their cases before seeking an appeal. The appeal process is informal. The taxpayer will need to present his or her side and provide evidence to support that stance.

In preparing for the appeal, taxpayers must refer to the specific tax law that applies to their situations. This information is cited on the examination notice and other correspondence from the IRS regarding the amount owed.

It is never a good idea for taxpayers to attempt to argue about the amount owed without proof of IRS wrongdoing. When in doubt about how the IRS made a mistake, taxpayers could consult with a tax professional.

Types of Actions That Can Be Appealed

In addition to the money that may be wrongfully owed after an audit is completed, taxpayers may also appeal IRS decisions regarding:

  • Tax levies
  • Tax liens
  • Wrongful termination of installment agreements
  • Rejection of offers in compromise
  • Assessed penalties

Taking the Case to a Taxpayer Advocate

When a taxpayer is unsatisfied with the decision issued by the Appeals Office, he or she may take their case to the independent Taxpayer Advocate. This individual can help assess the situation and determine if a reason exists to continue seeking an appeal. When all else fails, the taxpayer may take the issue to federal court.