Networking and Employment Opportunities

Randolph Law Firm is actively seeking dedicated professionals to join our team at various times. If you possess a strong work ethic and are interested in becoming part of our firm, we encourage you to submit your resume.

At Randolph Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being a leading firm in the tax resolution industry in Nevada. Our unique approach tailors solutions to each client, ensuring full resolution and a fresh start for taxpayers. Our services range from settlement negotiations to discharging debt through bankruptcy, providing comprehensive assistance to individuals seeking relief.

We hold our personnel to the highest standards of independence, integrity, objectivity, competence, and due care in all engagements. Our firm emphasizes individual responsibility while maintaining a culture of excellence and professional performance. Through established policies and procedures, we ensure that every professional engagement is meticulously planned and executed, prioritizing substantive decision-making.

To guarantee the best possible service, our firm designates Partners for consultation on significant ethical, technical, and industry-related matters. This commitment ensures that our clients receive exceptional professional services, always keeping the public interest in mind. We rely on our Partners and Associates to identify and resolve crucial engagement issues, delivering the utmost value to our clients.

The ideal candidate for this position should possess exceptional tax preparation skills, extensive tax research capabilities, problem-solving acumen, proficiency in various software applications, and strong written and oral communication abilities. We adopt a team approach to provide top-notch client service for tax compliance, planning, financial statements, and general business consulting.

If you are interested in exploring networking or employment opportunities with Randolph Law Firm, please reach out to us via email at m@randolphlawfirm.com or call us at 702-757-7777.

We currently have a full-time job opening, and we encourage you to contact us to learn more. Even if you are not actively seeking full-time employment, we welcome the opportunity to expand our network of professional contacts. From referral sources to contract or part-time work, we are eager to discuss how we can support each other in assisting clients to achieve a fresh start by eliminating their debts. Our track record demonstrates that we typically resolve taxpayers’ issues within one to two years, even for those who may initially seem eligible only for a payment plan.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and exploring the possibilities of collaboration and mutual success.

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