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POSTED ON July 09, 2018
Tax Debt? You May Qualify for Penalty Abatement
To consumers who owe a tax debt, the addition of failure-to-pay penalties makes that debt increase significantly, but th ...
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POSTED ON March 14, 2018
Tips to protecting yourself against identity theft
Identity theft is a growing concern around the world. If your credit card number falls into the wrong hands, your[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 27, 2018
Tips for Nevada taxpayers with income from multiple states
One point of confusion for many tax payers is how to handle their taxes if their work is located in[…] ...
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POSTED ON October 04, 2016
Celebrity status or not, divorce carries tax consequences
If you’re getting divorced, there are probably a lot of things in your life that are changing. One of them[…] ...
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POSTED ON September 19, 2016
Poor IRS customer service: What is the IRS doing to improve it?
The IRS’s ability to offer acceptable customer service has slipped badly in recent years. Wait times for phone service ...
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POSTED ON July 25, 2016
Making sense of what an IRS notice is saying: 3 things to know
You go to the mail box and bring in the mail. Most days, in this email-driven era, there will nothing[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 31, 2016
Divorce and taxes: a Q & A for the uncoupling
“In this world nothing can be said to be certain,” Benjamin Franklin reportedly said, “except death an ...
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POSTED ON May 02, 2016
Prince and estate taxes, part 2: complicated issues to resolve
In the first part of this post, we began a discussion of estate and gift taxes. The discussion was prompted[…] ...
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POSTED ON April 29, 2016
Estate taxes, part 1: Prince’s passing is reminder of the issue
Prince was no stranger to Las Vegas. He played many concerts here, including a series of shows in ’06 and[…] ...
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POSTED ON May 27, 2015
IRS approves tax-free status for church that is apolitical
Charitable organizations in Nevada are generally exempt from paying a corporation tax to the federal government. Churche ...
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