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POSTED ON June 08, 2021
Selling a House with a Tax Lien
A home seller has several options for selling a house with delinquent taxes. He or she can contest the delinquent[…] ...
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POSTED ON April 15, 2021
Understanding Capital Gains Tax
A capital gains tax is levied on the profits earned from the sale of capital assets. Capital assets include real[…] ...
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POSTED ON February 14, 2019
Can Innocent Spouse Relief Protect Your Property Against Tax Liens?
By filing IRS Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief, it may be possible to request a separate tax liability[…] ...
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POSTED ON January 14, 2019
Can a Tax Lien Become Cause for Criminal Prosecution?
Tax liens rarely become a cause for criminal prosecution but Nevada business owners should take steps to reduce the impa ...
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POSTED ON December 19, 2018
What Is a Blanket Lien?
A blanket lien is a tool that the IRS can use to encumber all of a delinquent taxpayer’s assets instead[…] ...
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POSTED ON November 09, 2018
Tax Debt Help for the Self-Employed
There are several ways self-employed people in Nevada might be able to settle IRS tax debt and avoid further consequence ...
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POSTED ON October 10, 2018
What a Tax Lien Could Mean for Your Small Business
Nevada business owners that fail to pay their taxes could receive tax liens that put business and personal assets at[… ...
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POSTED ON August 16, 2018
What it Means When Your Property Goes to a Tax Lien Sale
When a homeowner in Nevada fails to pay property taxes, the government can sell a certificate of lien at public[…] ...
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POSTED ON July 19, 2018
Were You Hit with a Tax Lien? (Here’s What You Need to Know)
Taxpayers who have been hit with a tax lien need to understand what it means, what it implies for their[…] ...
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POSTED ON June 12, 2018
Tax Liens Are About to Be Removed from Your Credit Report
Taxpayers who have tax liens against them may notice a recent boost in their credit rating. As of April 16,[…] ...
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