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POSTED ON June 23, 2020
Types of IRS Audits and Possible Outcomes
There are three general types of IRS audits that range in severity and may result in one of three possible[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 24, 2020
Did Someone Else Claim Your Child as a Dependent? Get Ready for an Audit
The Internal Revenue Service uses a special set of “tiebreaker” rules to determine which parent has the right to cla ...
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POSTED ON January 23, 2020
Tax Audits Do Not Always Happen Right Away
The tax law gives the IRS three years from the date of a filed return to perform an audit. However,[…] ...
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POSTED ON December 23, 2019
Recent Tax Law Changes Could Trigger Mistakes, Audits
Recent tax law changes have caused countless people to make mistakes that could trigger an audit. Changes in the tax[… ...
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POSTED ON April 11, 2019
Can You Appeal An IRS Tax Decision in Henderson, NV?
Taxpayers have a right to appeal IRS decisions they feel are incorrect or unfair. One of the most common issues[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 07, 2018
Tax Audits: Are You Flying Below the Radar?
Accurate, timely tax returns that are free of certain red flags can prevent IRS tax audits. The IRS has a[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 05, 2018
What documentation do I need to provide in an audit?
A tax audit can happen to anyone. However, if you’re self-employed, you might have claimed deductions for your home of ...
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POSTED ON July 13, 2017
Negative tax audit results? Maybe you should file an appeal
Not many situations can strike the same type of fear that you and many other Nevada residents may feel as[…] ...
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POSTED ON March 31, 2017
Tax season means the possibility of an audit
It’s tax season. Some people are already done with their taxes while others are still compiling all their documentatio ...
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POSTED ON March 23, 2017
Surviving an IRS audit
There are two types of people in Nevada: those who dread tax time and those who work for the Internal[…] ...
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